Roc Baby Roc by Laika

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We interviewed the lovely Laika about her new song Roc Baby Roc. Laika Nancy Armstrong is 6 years old and from Ellesmere Port in Cheshire, England. Laika’s dad Marc is a musician under the stage name ARNAM and is the inspiration behind Laika’s own love of music.

Roc Baby Roc by Laika Armstrong

What is Roc baby Roc all about?

Roc Baby Roc is about how children would like everything to be normal and everything open, so that they can go into big cities or parks and play their music and do things like dancing or plays. In Roc Baby Roc; Laika dreams about getting on a train and travelling to Liverpool for a big gig she will be playing to everybody in what she calls “the big city” (Liverpool).

How would you describe your music?

Rocky. Cool. Fun. Bangful.

What made you want to become a performer?

Entertainment for myself and everybody else hopefully!

Who is your favourite artist?

Daddy is my favourite musician

Laika and her dad Marc aka ARNAM

Can you play any instruments?

No, can’t play instruments yet, but you should hear me play triangle.

What age did you start singing?

I was 1 when I started singing

Are you from a musical family?

Yes, my Dad is very musical and does songs all the time which we sing together.

We love your music video – What was the best part about making it?

The bit with the slow motion jump. That felt very strange!

Laika with her dog Dolcie

What do you like about music?

Singing/vocals. I love the singers of songs like the ones on the Frozen II soundtrack.

Who inspires you to make music?


Who would you love to collaborate with?

My baby sister when she grows up

What other interests do you have outside of making music?

Gymnastics, Art, Writing, Playing at the park, walking my Doggy – Dolcie. ‘Daddy and Laika’ nights where its just me and daddy.

You can watch Roc Baby Roc and more songs by ARNAM & The Dark Thoughts over on YouTube

Laika Armstrong
I'm Laika, I am 6 years old. I'm a beautiful kid my Dad says, and I like to speak Spanish. I like to be happy and free. I love music, my dad, Art and playing especially on the park.I love the fairground and rides.I love playing headball 2 the football app. I like shiny things, the beach, sunny days, school, car washes! Spending time with my Daddy's girlfriends family where we all get together as a big family. Love trains, riding a scooter and much more. ARNAM is the stage name for laika's Dad Marc Armstrong. He grew up as 'Woolham', but was officially 'Armstrong'. The name is a mixture of the two surnames. I'm Marc, I'm 37 and I'm a musician, although not by trade, it is my life and something I am now pursuing rather than just doing it for myself. I'm a northern guy who is completely down to earth and is all about love, progression, laughter and equality. The idea with ARNAM & The Dark Thoughts is for me to attract the right people via the medium of YouTube, and then onto bigger and better things hopefully, with a few ideas with regards to how to take myself through life using my music, which is something that's with me all day every day. Constantly musical thoughts with no break. An extreme passion. I write a range of songs, but a lot are with inspirational lyrics like in the songs 'The Light' or 'Don't Change' I write the songs and play the instruments in all of the songs on the YouTube channel, but I use sampled drums. I then produce the songs, mix them and get them mastered before making a video and putting it on YouTube. I have a new band with new songs, but also songs from ARNAM & The Dark Thoughts, and.... will be letting everybody know about them this year, coming to play near you, and we're called 'Pablo'