Imoo Z6 Smart Watch Review by Willow and Manic Fun Mum

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Wow! Willow was so lucky to have been sent this amazing new imoo Z6 smart watch! πŸ₯°

She loves her watch so much and there are so many amazing features!

The imoo Z6 was So easy to set up! πŸ₯³πŸ₯³

The imoo Z6 smartwatch is the worlds first front & rear dual camera πŸ’– With a customised high resolution camera which takes clear photos and records quality video calls.

The imoo watch phone is Water resistant which means it can be used under water for up to 30 minutes!! πŸ₯° No more worrying about getting your watch wet! As you can Swim and wash your hands like normal! πŸ₯³πŸ₯°

This amazing imoo Z6 is more than a fitness tracker! You can connect with friends to compare daily step rankings with its automatic step counter! πŸ’–

Some of willows favourite features are;

πŸ’– Alarm clock – so she can wake us up at 2:30am every morning 🀣
❀️ family chat – so she can ping us messages, and we can write back to her!
πŸ’›steps – so she can track how many steps she has taken throughout the day!

I love that this imoo watch can be controlled by me on a App from my phone which is amazing – it means that I can send Willow messages from my phone to her watch!
I am also able to track the watch and see where willow is! πŸ₯³ This also means that I have complete control over who willow texts/ calls!

Willow has taken lots of lovely pictures of herself! The picture quality is very good and she loves videoing herself doing vlogs!

She loves calling daddy on her watch while he is at work!

The imoo Z6 has a chunky strap, and is very comfy – willow loves the bright purple and pink colours!

You can find out more and shop online at the imoo store and you can follow Manic Fun Mum and Willow over on their instagram, TikTok or YouTube

Willow is a artistic 8 year old who has danced for 6 years. Her favourite dance is ballet. She loves art, drama and singing! Willow often turns the dining room into an art room and will create inventions out of anything! She once created a whole paper city which covered our dining room table! With people made from masking tape! Willow loves her babies and when she is older wants to be a midwife!