Ecobricks by James


I’m talking about ecobricks as I help my mum teach people how to make them. 

Nowhere in the Global Ecobrick Alliance community do we refer to plastic as ‘rubbish’.  People who make ecobricks  view plastic as useful, once it has been made into an ecobrick.

An ecobrick is something you can make out of plastic bottles and plastic, but make sure it is all clean and dry. You make your ecobrick  by getting your bottle and plastic, cutting up the plastic small, then you fill the bottle with the plastic.  The ecobrick has to be dense and solid to a certain weight and you can watch a film while you make it.

Once you have made lots of ecobricks all the same, and have logged them on you can build cool stuff like a stool to sit on or if you have 180 ecobricks you could build a bed like mine!

James with his amazing ecobrick bed

You can  build stuff in your garden using ecobrick and cob (earth) like a wildlife pond that my mum’s friend bult.

You can also do things like juggle with small ecobricks, or play skittles! What will you do?

By packing all the plastic into an ecobrick you are doing something good for the earth. It helps us save the animals from plastic in the oceans and forests.  Don’t use ecobricks as an excuse to use lots and lots of plastic, you need to reduce your plastic usage as much as you can, the best ecobrick is the one you can’t make.

James hiding underneath his amazing ecobrick bed

To find out more about ecobricks please visit the website I would get your mum or dad to read it, to help them understand it a bit more, and then they can help you reduce the plastic that is in your home.

Ps why did the super hero make an ecobrick? To finally save the world….

Note from James mum – your ecobrick must weigh at least 0.33 x volume of the bottle, so a 1 ltr needs to be over 333gms – try and aim for 400 grms! Once made please log your ecobrick onto our very cool database If you do build something please let us know, and you could get your green blue peter badge if you write to them. 

Any questions you can email to

James is 10, has been home educated for 4 years now and loves every minute of it. He enjoys philosophy and art, drama and bushcraft. He wishes to be a blacksmith when he is older, so he can be a practical artist. For now he is a dedicated pokemon geek, and enjoys playing pokemon and minecraft with his older brother. Both boys also help out on their parents Aquaponics farm -