7 Best Minecraft Hypixel Minigames

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Minecraft has been a gaming sensation since its launch in 2009 and is the best selling video game of all time, with 200 million copies sold and 126 million monthly active users. The addition of Minecraft servers extends the gameplay, allowing server operators to have access to their own commands, plugins and to set permissions and access.

The largest and most popular Minecraft server is Hypixel which is a minigame server.

Now let us get into the 7 best Minecraft Hypixel Minigames

7. TNT Run

TNT run is a fun minigame where you must run across sand and gravel blocks as they fall beneath your feet. The aim of the game is to be the last one standing. You can also unlock multiple abilities such as double jumps and potions to speed you up or slow others down.

Overall, it is a very fun, casual game.

6. Murder Mystery

In Murder Mystery, there are 3 roles. Murderer, detective, and innocent.

The goal of the murderer is – you guessed it – to murder everyone else! You have a trusty knife at your disposal to either throw or cut with.

As detective, you get a bow with infinite ammo to try and shoot the murderer. If you shoot an innocent you lose.

As an innocent you can get a bow for 10 gold which only has one arrow. You can then use the bow to kill the murderer. However, If you kill an innocent or the detective, you lose.

A very fun game to play with friends.

5. Build Battle

Build battle is a fun game where you must create builds based on the random theme selected by all players in a voting system. The theme can be pretty much anything from a candle to dragons.

So you create your build in a certain timeframe and then everyone else votes for their favourite build. The build with the most votes at the end is the winner and then the game starts again.

4. Party Games

Party games is very fun as it contains a plethora of minigames inside it!

The minigames can range to anything from archery, jumping over smoke, parkour, crafting, pig jousting, and so on.

The person who wins the most minigames wins! My favourite mini game in Party Games is smoke leapers!

3. SkyWars

In Skywars, the aim of the game is to kill all other players using items found in chests all over the map. The map is pretty large with a big island in the middle and lots of small islands all around it. There are various items to discover inside the chests including snowballs, swords and potions.                                               

Knocking people into the void is a very good tactic for defeating them. But watch out! YOU might get knocked into the void too!

2. SkyBlock

In Skyblock, the player has their very own island to build on! You build a bridge over to the portal and then you can enter a massive new world inside. There are mines, caves, spider dens, shops, and even the end! There is also the new gear to collect and craft like spider boots which allow you to double jump and grappling hooks that allow you to boost in the air.

Once you’re ready you can even fight dragons! So much possibility!

1. BedWars

Winning the number 1 spot for me is Bedwars. It’s a very fun and exciting game where you must protect your bed and destroy other players’ beds. If you die when you have a bed you respawn but if you no longer have a bed and you die you are eliminated.

Simple right? Think not! You can change the outcome by collecting items like diamonds and emeralds which can be traded for better armour, weapons and blocks to protect your bed. There are team upgrades too.

It’s a simple case of last man standing but you can also team up with friends to take people down together!

Overall it’s a very fun game for solo play or co-op.

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