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Moonbound is an adorable movie based on a German fairy tale Little Peter’s Journey to the Moon by Gerdt von Bassewitz. It follows the story of Peter and Anne and their journey to the moon to help an elderly June bug called Mr Zoomzeman.

Trailer courtesy of Signature Entertainment

After a thief cut down Mr Zoomzeman’s birch tree home, the Night Fairy banished him to the moon but tragically Mrs Zoomzeman and Mr Zoomzeman’s arm were sent there too. Mr Zoomzeman spent his life searching for some brave children to help accompany him on a rescue mission to the moon.

Moonbound is a sweet adaptation about two brave children who go on an epic mission to help their June Bug friend. The movie is funny and relatable and has positive role models and tons of uplifting messaging. Due to some scary themes (facing an evil villain and his henchmen, losing loved ones, leaving home etc) the movie is most suitable for a family audience with young children.

Let’s see what our Kidspeak Reviewers thought of Moonbound

I really enjoyed the movie. The race between the weather elements was fun.
It had a great story and the ending was fitting and uplifting it was fab.
I am hoping there is a second film soon, loved the little bugs. 

Zachary from Zachary Toys and Fun

Telling us all about her favourite part .. Willow says “this person here is the president and this boy has a button and he presses it and LIGHTNING Strikes his bum! It’s so Funny!”

“I loved it when they arrived at the moon” says Dylan 🌝

“I liked the end part where the mum and dad was singing” says Skye

We loved the detail, and animation and would definitely recommend the film to our family and friends! 💖🍿🎥

Willow, Dylan & Skye from Manic Fun Mum
Willow & Skye from Manic Fun Mum enjoying Moonbound

We loved this family film its so beautifully animated.
The kids are now asking me to get the children’s books, they want to know more about Pete. A really uplifting and sometimes funny story that shows bravery and strength isn’t always limited by your size, and even a tiny beetle can succeed! 
“It was really funny when Pete fell in the water and shot up into the air” Tippi age 8 & Sebastian 10
“I liked the big polar bear because they are my favourite animals” Raffy age 3

Little Tippi
Tippi & Sebastian from Little Tippi

Signature Entertainment presents Moonbound in Cinemas Nationwide 6th August

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