Meet Snowdrop and Panda with Toys Fun Fam


This month we are pleased to speak to Toys Fun Fam’s Theo & Tahlia about their adorable pets!

What kind of animal(s) do you have?

We have 2 lop eared house Rabbits

Snowdrop and Panda – Toys Fun Fam’s Lop-Eared Rabbits

What is their personality like?

They are both very chilled and relaxed. If they know there’s food around they soon jump into action and start begging at your feet, they even stand on their back legs. They will climb up you to get a  treat!

What are their names?

Snowdrop as she is white and Panda who as you may have guessed is black and white

How long have you owned your animals?

They are both almost 5 years old now. They came to us at Christmas when they were a few weeks old.

Have you ever owned any other animals?

We have had hamsters before, Pom Pom and Cookie. Cookie would let you pick him up and stroke him all the time but Pom Pom used to bite us especially mom. Lol

We also used to have goldfish but they are no longer with us.

Where do they live?

Panda and Snowdrop live in our house. They have a cage that is in our utility area, but they are free to roam where they like as they are house trained. When the weather is nice they have the whole garden to run around and play in.

Why did you choose this animal?

I (Tahlia) asked Father Christmas for a rabbit. We did want a dog, but they are a lot of responsibility so a rabbit was what I asked for and they very cool and pretty much like a dog but without the walks

Can your animals do any tricks?

They are amazing at jumping around and over things. It’s is funny to see them play tig in the garden, chasing each other and leaping in the air.

They can walk on their back legs. When mom whistles them they come running to her

Theo and Tahlia from Toys Fun Fam with their rabbit Panda

What sort of food do they eat and What is their favourite treat?

They eat rabbit pellets and hay. Our rabbits are very spoilt and have fresh spring greens, kale, broccoli and carrots daily. Their favourite is definitely parsley. They do like biscuits too

How do you bond with them?

We sit and pet them and brush them. If you stroke a rabbits in front of its ears it will grind its teeth, That’s the way you know they are happy

What sort of care do they need?

You need to make sure they have fresh food and water. Their cage is kept clean. They are brushed, especially when they are moulting.

What is the most rewarding part about owning your pet?

We love it when we are in the garden and they come up and lie down by us. It’s also fun when you have a treat and they beg for it.

What is the most challenging part about owning your pet?

Rabbits like any pets need a lot of care and attention. Every day their litter tray and hutch has to be cleaned. Also if you are going out for the day or away on holiday you have to make sure that there is someone who can take care of them.

If your pet could speak, what do you think they would like everyone to know?

We think they would say “We are the Bosses around here. We may look cute but we have you guys wrapped around our little paws” Lol and “We love you really”

If you are thinking about owning a rabbit you can find out more information on the RSPCA website and you can follow Toys Fun Fam on YouTube and Instagram. Stay tuned because Toys Fun Fam will be our Influencer in the Spotlight for August!

Toys Fun Fam

Theo is 14 and Tahlia is 13 They live in the U.K They are both British Born but have strong links to Cyprus. Their Nan is Cypriot and they spend much of their time in Cyprus. Cyprus is their favourite place to be and it is their Dream to live there soon. They are learning to speak the Cypriot language.

Theo and Tahlia chose to be home educated two years ago. Learning this way gives them more freedom to pursue the things that interest them. Theo and Tahlia both love the outdoors and spending time on their mountain bikes taking on the local trails. Tahlia loves climbing, gymnastics, ice skating, swimming, fashion, art and computers. Theo loves Nerf wars, trampolining, Building mechanical models, Robots, computers and spending time perfecting wheelies on his bike. Theo and Tahlia have two pet house rabbits named Panda and Snowdrop.

They would love to make YouTube and Gaming their careers.