Yoga Pose for June with Kat & Bella from Sparkle Yoga

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Kat and Bella from Sparkle Yoga pose

Every month Kat and Bella from Sparkle Yoga will be sharing with us their favourite yoga pose along with instructions for you to follow and try out at home.

This month the Pose of the Month is Flying Pose.

Carrier lies on back and bends knees, flier puts carriers feet in hip creases. Saying together “we work together”.

Flier leans forward and holds carriers hands saying together “we focus and align”.

Carrier straightens legs and arms. The flier is lifted. Flier says “I rise as you lift me”.

The flier can lift one arm up at a time stretching the arms and lifting the head. Saying “You support, I fly”

Flying is fun. Trust each other – experiment until it feels just right. Feel the freedom of flight and the joy of being supported.

In this video, Kat and Bella take you through a lovely yoga warm-up and cool down with space to include the “Yoga Pose of the Month”

Sparkle Yoga – Adult Vinyasa Yoga Classes and Children’s Yoga Classes held in Ringwood, Hampshire, UK. Taken by Kat Grimmett.

Kat has been practising Yoga for around 25 years, initially Hatha Yoga and then moving to Vinyasa Yoga for the last 8 years. She started teaching children’s yoga in January 2020. Kat recently qualified to teach Vinyasa Yoga and now teaches a class in Ringwood. The meaning of Yoga and its philosophy is included in the classes, inviting the experience of the union of the mind, body and soul and everything around us.

You can get in touch with Kat at Sparkle Yoga by joining her Facebook group


Bella and Kat
Bella is 8 years old. Bella has always been home educated. Bella loves all things creative like Dance, Drama, Art and sometimes yoga. She loves spending time out in nature with friends and feels strongly about looking after the earth. She is also a big fan of Roblox. She is a happy soul! Kat - left education at 15 with a desire to travel. She worked for Virgin Atlantic as Cabin Crew fulfilling the want to see the world. Kat joined the Police Force at 25 years old and stayed for 14 years, after then retiring to take on the most important job in the world, being a mum to Bella. Whilst working for the Police she was also an athlete, representing England and Great Britain in middle distance running and elite duathlon. Kat found yoga at around 21 years old and was inspired by the practice ever since. Taking a teaching qualification in yoga seemed the natural next step in a new chapter. Kat absolutely loves sharing and instructing yoga and helping to share the many great benefits that it brings to the mind, body and soul.

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